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About Advertising, Sponsorship, and False or Misleading Claims on SSO

The programming that is employed by this site allows for the display of advertising. However, at this time, StayWell Solutions Online (SSO) does not solicit any advertising. StayWell does not accept advertisements. Neither is the site subsidized by grants nor any other form of payment from any organization within or outside of the health care field.

StayWell derives its revenue solely from licensing its content, tools, and applications to clients. These clients may or may not accept advertising. Visitors and consumers are advised to read the licensee's advertising policy. 

False or misleading claims

StayWell is dedicated toward providing clients and end-users clear, current, evidenced-based, and accurate health information. Based on the StayWell Standards of Excellence, every effort is made to "not knowingly" post clinical content on SSO that has false or misleading claims, or promotes ineffective or dangerous products.

In addition to the oversight by StayWell Quality Oversight Committee, the following processes are also implemented to ensure the health, safety, or welfare of clients and end-users regarding StayWell clinical content:

  1. Immediate Updates: Clinical content that is affected by significant new medical knowledge or content errors (not spelling or grammar) are updated expediently in our Editing and Recording Information System (ERIS) and Unified Content Repository (UCR). Electronic queries are generated in ERIS or the UCR to quickly locate articles that need revisions based on new medical knowledge.

  2. Breaking News: Articles provide a weekly update on changes in health care based on research and announcements from federal agencies and medical organizations and societies.

  3. StayWell pledge to respond to emails from clients within 24 hours on business days and make every attempt to resolve disputes and complaints within one week of receipt.

  4. Information is disclosed to the client or end-user via the website Contact StayWell page on how to register a complaint, give feedback, request information on policies or procedures, and report a broken link, as well as the identifying the owner.

  5. Clinical content is based on current practice guidelines and standards of prestigious medical associations, foundations, and organizations, as well as federal agencies.

  6. All health content is sourced and dated when edited/updated.

  7. All health content is reviewed 24 months from the posting date in the UCR. Diseases and conditions that have ongoing medical research and frequent updates to treatment guidelines may be medically reviewed more often than every 24 months.

  8. Health content is intelligently indexed and mapped to MeSH concepts as a common keyword scheme.

  9. Medical reviewers and content developers are highly skilled physicians, advance practice registered nurses, physician assistants, or professionals in their field of work. 

For information about medical review process and content development, please review the our Editorial Policy and  Evidence-Based Health Content Development Policy.

Questions about policies

Consumers can email questions about our policies to help@staywell.com.

We respond to clients within 24 hours on business days.

General Inquiries

Please send emails to information@staywell.com or call 800.333.3032.


Approved by the Quality Oversight Committee, December 2015

Revised: March 2016

Author: Pierce-Smith, Daphne
Online Editor: Pierce-Smith, Daphne
Date Last Reviewed: 12/14/2015
Date Last Modified: 12/14/2015